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Anonymous 05/20/2024 (Mon) 19:12:53 No. 263
Incest is wincest thread! Monday morning edition Share your hot family members or stories of your sexual adventures with them. Screencaps welcome, OC particularly welcome Archive of older stories: >greentextarchive.net
It happens. We're pretty sure my twin's sister's youngest is mine. And she's healthy and fine so inb4: HURR DURR BABY. That why I'm still skeptical she's mine.
ngl i wanna eat her pussy You should tell her that /b/would love seeing her pics and do a separate thread for a wwyd, get her all hot.
Not me but a close friend admitted to me awhile back while drunk that he has fucked his estranged pill popping mom. He said it happened several times when he was a teenager when she would try to get back in his life and "clean up". I don't have a lot of details unfortunately.
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