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fatbratfreya Onlyfans Leaked Anonymous 05/28/2024 (Tue) 01:32:56 No. 322154
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Making You Fat Like Me I'm fat and hot, and honestly, I thi..
Piggy's Messy Birthday Cake It's officially my birthday, so ..
Massive Birthday Stuffing / Cake, pizza, fried chicken, and ..
I Need A Feeder I've been hard at work packing on the pounds..
I'm Addicted to Food I'm a total food addict, and I'm in d..
Mommy's Growth Plan / Phase 1 *Female Feeder Little piggy!!..
Fat & Hairy // NUDE The title says it all babe, I'm fat and..
The Fat Reckoning The fat reckoning is upon us. Everyone is..
You know your fat when you can see the VBO and FUPA outlined
Freya Gets Morbid Are you just as much of a freak as I am?..
Too Fat to Fuck *SPH I'm a big girl, a real big girl. I lik..
Haven't you always wanted to feel bliss? I know you do, I kn..
I Need Pregnancy Jeans Well, I've officially sized out of n..
a big belly controls me
Naked Fatty I look great in clothes, but I look better nake..
Becoming Unrecognizable * BIG FAT BODY CHANGES My body is ch..
Am I FAT Enough for You *Gaining Shake Chug So, how big do ..
Navel Giantess Vore It's your lucky day; the giantess of yo..
A big fat bunny ready to BURST!
BBW Bunny VS Tiny Chair Consider this my celebratory Easter..
Ready to pop out of this Hooters uniform....and yes the bell..
Hooters Girl Got FAT * Stuffing Remember my uniform? Well, ..
The Fatter I Get the More Submissive I Get I think it's pret..
BBW Mommy Wants to Fuck Mommy is horny, are you ready to he..
Obesity Is Addicting Just like any other addiction, you bui..
Can't contain me
Feeder Ends Up Gaining I love being a feeder. Getting to w..
Dough Girl I'm soft, supple, and squishy. I love how fat an..
Wait till you see how the FUPA pops out 😈
Pig Farmer Freya 2 Did you miss me piggy? Have you been a g..
Fucking Your Messy Piggy Now that piggy has had time to pro..
Hanging low and popping out
Chugging 2 Gallons of Ice Cream I got a craving for ice crea..
BBW Cum Dumpster The title says it all, I'm a big fat BBW ..
The best belly hang
Stretching My Belly Out During my massive super bowl super..
Big Fat BBW Goth Mommy You've heard about big titty goth g..
Sucking my fat belly in *FAIL Let's be realistic, I can't h..
Body Positivity Made Me FAT! My sneaky theory is that body..
Super Bowl Super Stuffing! Touchdown! I'm not a sports gir..
Lesbian Mommy Feeder Mommy's back, and she's ready to push..
Free the belly.....and you might just see me naked 😈
BBW GODDESS FAT JUICY ASS WORSHIP I heard you love big fat a..
The darkest clip clip I've ever made! *Health chat I had th..
Big ass, big thighs, big belly 😈
I LOVE Fatties I love fatties! I love everything about fatt..
Pinned down by my belly I'm wrapping up quite a big stuffing..
Goth GF Gets FAT It's time to play! Your hot, chubby goth ..
Failed Gym Workout *Public It's January, the time of year ..
Bursting out of everything
Expanding Mommy Don't you love a fat curvy Mommy? Wouldn't ..
A well feed girl in a collar 😈🐷🎀
Girlfriend FAILS New Years Diet This was the year that you..
2024 Gaining & Sex Goals Happy 2024! Since we're officially..
New Years, New Gains // Female Feeder Happy 2024! It's a ne..
Fatter Than Ever! AND I CAN'T STOP GAINING! Happy New Year..
Do you like me in green?
My Lact ation Fetish Let's be real, I've got a great rack. ..
Stuffing before my family holiday party Let's make this sho..
Holiday Gaining Challange / Week 8 During my week eight ho..
Christmas Stuffing // Heavy Cream & Cake I can promise you ..
Be my Christmas Piggy * Heavy Cream Stuffing / Female Feeder..
Holiday 🐷 Jiggles Fat It's the holiday season, and my gains..
This set really shows just how fat and soft I am
Girlfriend's BBW Roommate Seduces You & Wants You to Feed He..
Rapid Holiday Gains / Week 5-7 I've been one busy girl, but..
Mommy's Good Boy Are you ready to have the BBW mommy of yo..
Making GF Cheat Her Diet * Diet Sabotage Your girlfriend i..
Inevitable Immobility JOI Jk, but I have been extra horny l..
Is this too much to wear in public?
Holiday Gaining Challange // Week 3-4 It's been a month sin..
Turning Gym Bro Into A FAT PIG! Trade your dumbells for don..
Will you be my feeder + caretaker when I'm immobile? This c..
A well feed piggy on Thanksgiving
BBW Mommy Feeder Stuffs You for Thanksgiving Get ready to a..
Thanksgiving MEGA Stuffing // TWO CAMERAS I'm ready to be m..
Thanksgiving MEGA Stuffing // TWO CAMERAS I'm ready to be m..
Fat Feedee GF Comes to Holiday Dinner It's the holiday sea..
Piggy Cooks A Feast * Thanksgiving Cooking Vlog It's time f..
I'm lying to my family It's time for the holidays again, wh..
Baker Cooks You *Vore Lucky you, you've stumbled into my ki..
I'm getting fatter and dumber I'm taking bimbo to a whole ..
Mommy Catches You Sneaking Food My, my, it looks like momm..
Holiday Gaining Challenge/ Week 1-2 As mentioned in a prev..
Getting Humiliatingly FAT! I've really blown up recently; I..
A Fattening Fall Vlog * Shopping & Doctors Office I love fi..
🐷🐷🐷🐷 what do you think 🐷🐷🐷🐷
Mommy's Halloween Piggy You look so cute in your costume, m..
Let's get FAT and OBESE together this Fall *mutual gain It'..
My secret gaining plans I've got some big goals for this gai..
Come handle me daddy 💋💋
EAT MY FAT ASS! Calling all ass lovers, this is special ju..
Dressing room try-on FAIL! I don't know why I even bother ..
Weight Watchers for Fatties You've been a very bad little p..
Girlfriend undresses for food Your girlfriend comes home f..
Mommy Gets Mean Mommy has always been so sweet and supportiv..
Cum on my Belly I love my fat belly; it's so soft and jiggl..
HYPN0 VORE Get ready to do something so foolish that it mig..
The hottest fast food fatty around 😳
BBW GF Wants To Get Off While Working *JOI *Instructions for..
GREEDY & FAT Fast Food Worker Turns Into A PIG! This chubb..
Public Waddles and Public Belly Touching Join me for a very..
I'm ADDICTED to FOOD🐷 I didn't get to this size by not hav..
NAKED & STUFFED The title says it all...I'm naked and stuff..
Should I be embarrassed about being so fat that I need a pre..
Principal Fattnes You Up! You've been quite the distraction ..
Grl Made to Funnel Gaining Shake in Detention I've been a b..
Back to school FATTER than ever! Summer break did a number..
BBW Girlfriend Wakes Up Horny The morning is off to a lovely..
Cum all over my fat body
Belly Bondage Let's combine two of my favorite things: fat..