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tianastummy Onlyfans Leaked Anonymous 05/27/2024 (Mon) 03:21:07 No. 285523
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resident hu-cow at ur service!!! (a case study in stretch ma..
obese fatass gamerpig gf at ur service bring me more dorit..
what happens when an experienced farmhand comes in and domes..
hiiii everyone sorry for my mini absence!! ive had a super n..
last two pics are me tryna hold my arch for more than a minu..
tfw ur naturally this thick (fat tbh) and cute upon waking u..
bathtub is seeming a little small these days.... also wtf m..
back home after living w my boyfriend for a month...he may h..
outgrowing my gaming chair mayhaps???
omg rare tummy out in public pictures!!! also pls join me t..
waking u (and ur dick) with some comparisons <3 i personal..
i feel like i haven't posted a photoset in ages ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ id..
just a lil mishmash to tide you over till my car stuffin tom..
the on vs off is kinda wild lmao
hoping that i was a good girl this year n that santa lets me..
i’m honestly 10lbs away from gaining 100lbs since 2018….i’m ..
ok haven’t revisited my all 4’s pose and if i may say…i’m st..
everyone loves a good b/a <3
wearing white makes me feel like i’m a sweet baby bride who ..
tfw your gf starts paying more attention to the food at rave..
looks like the head cheerleader couldn’t keep her weight in ..
idk if it’s just me but i love how soft and cellulite ridden..
did you know: i’m actually not human i’m just a giant sentie..
pov: you’re my neighbor watching me on the security cams
hmmmm….i think this mirror may make me look a little…fat?
today is a case study on ass: report your findings below
i have some hot before and afters for yall <3 also don’t for..
the first and second pictures are what a good fuckpig/hucow ..
good morning!! here are some cute b/a’s to start you off tod..
good morning!! i’m on vacation n i’m hoping with all this go..
sorry for my mini absence everyone! i went to a music festiv..
sometimes it’s nice to just take a step back and enjoy how t..
just got done pigging out at the spirited away buffet!! oh n..
whoever said fat girls shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes was..
hope my neighbor doesn’t mind me showing off tummy at 8:55am..
honestly that second screencap should make any sane person w..
ok idk i think someone has personally been sneaking around a..
cute outfit to keep your feedee/breede slave in i’d say
class for today will be a case study on tummy…hips…and thigh..
those mirror pics are killer….i never realize how fucking wi..
nah why do my panties look damn near painted on nowadays
even my skirt can’t hide how chunky i’m getting
good morning!! the belly hang is HANGING
new dress unlocked??!?
the fact that i used to wear these shorts at the gym LMAO
practicing my positions for when you bring me the feeding tr..
just a slight bit of taco bell for the lady pls thought i m..
if you were a shark would you bite my butt
sorry for the odd crop i had sneak some pictures while my fr..
id like to thank my 2xl pants for making me look nice and th..
hi you guys!! i’m so sorry for my sloppy posting. today was ..
10 more pounds and this lingerie is NOT getting on ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
kinda digging the fat ass n backrolls combo if i do say so m..
save a horse! ride a hog <3
mirror mirror on the wall…who’s the chubbiest of them all?
ok my hips and thighs have been surprisingly me lately…all m..
this year i graduated from “oh she’s just chubby…she can wor..
waiting to be bred in the bath <3 also peep the lil hot wat..
round like a butterball
this winter storm got me running my house so warm i have no ..
why does the work mirror make me look so fat lmao
goodnight sleep tight…you’ll need to be up bright and early ..
looking chubby at work <3
turned my 26-inch waist into a 36-inch waist and never looke..
don’t you just wanna snuggle up to the tummy in the last pic..
idk bout you guys but looking fat as fuck in normie clothes ..
before vs after my thanksgiving stuffin!
which is better…the work outfit or the “i’ve been home for 5..
the fatter i get….the more slappable my ass gets also stuff..
gonna add this to the “clothing to wear to a buffet” pile
pls comment on what food/foods you wanna see me eat tomorrow..
the butterball turkey looks kinda different this year
first pic is giving “what’s the deal with airline food”
lookin like i’ve been eating cornbread for breakfast for six..
i thought wearing all black was supposed to be slimming 🤔
ps here’s a late night “get mesmerized by my tits jiggling” ..
i need to do some squats but fair warning….hole pics at the ..
these undies were so tight they left me marked after i took ..
so ngl i rarely ever actually show my tits off but i seem to..
updating the iconic green bathroom photos
pics 10-13 have to be my favorite (it’s what anyone looking ..
me last night in my lil fit <3
the three b’s….belly, boobs, and butt <3
very underrated feature of getting fat: me becoming paler fr..
can you believe this lingerie still fits lmao
cool girls bust outta their carhartt pants (+ what i ate a..
y’all remember when i used to complain about how much i hate..
here’s some cute b/a’s + my birthday dinner outfit 🤩 as yo..
i should get an outdoor bathtub so i can start behaving like..
i apologize for the influx of just pics recently! my stupid ..
big boobs?!?
ur cute fat girl next door